Lake Lemon Regatta

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The Lake Lemon Regatta is a multi-class event, hosted by the Bloomington Yacht Club, on Lake Lemon in Monroe/Brown Counties, Indiana.


Registration at the Bloomington Yacht Club clubhouse Saturday morning, September 21, 2019 from 9 a.m. until the start of the Skipper’s Meeting.  All fees are due at that time.  Participants not registered by the start of Saturday’s Skipper’s Meeting will not be scored in the regatta and will not be eligible for awards.


Races will be on Lake Lemon, generally within a half-mile of the Bloomington Yacht Club. There is an electric hoist at the harbor edge for launching boats as well as a gravel ramp and a long dock.


All entries shall be divided into “A” and “B” fleets, based on their overall length of more or less than 14 feet.  The Lake Lemon Regatta serves as the final event in the Y-Flyer Mid-America Cup series. Thus the Y-Flyers will be scored separately throughout the regatta.

Any classes for which there are eight (8) or more entries before the first Skipper’s Meeting shall be scored separately. Any such classes shall be eligible for a separate series of awards.

The “A” and “B” fleets shall be scored by their finish times as corrected by the Portsmouth Yardstick.


The following fees are due upon registration Saturday morning, September 21, 2019:

$40.00 per boat/skipper, includes breakfast, lunch, dinner on Saturday and breakfast, lunch on Sunday.

$20.00 per each crew member or junior skipper (age 18 and younger), includes breakfast, lunch, dinner on Saturday and breakfast, lunch on Sunday.

Meals only are available for all others for $5.00 for each breakfast or lunch, $10.00 for Saturday dinner, $20.00 for all 5 meals.



6:00 pm Camping available


8:30 am Breakfast

9:00 am Registration in the BYC clubhouse

12:00 am Skipper’s meeting/Lunch

12:30 Noon Harbor Signal

1:00 pm Warning Signal – 1st race

5:30 pm Happy Hour

7:00 pm Dinner


8:30 am Breakfast

9:30 am Harbor Signal

10:00 am Warning Signal – 1st race, no race started after 12:00

1:00 pm Lunch/Awards Ceremony


The U.S. Racing Rules of Sailing and the BYC Sailing Instructions will govern.  Should there be any conflict between the two, the Sailing Instructions will prevail.

Sailing Instructions:

Sailing Instructions will be available at registration and at the Skipper’s Meeting.  They will also be posted at the BYC clubhouse entrance.  Any change to the Sailing Instructions shall be posted prior to the Harbor Signal.


Courses will be Modified Olympic (triangle-windward-leeward-windward) or Windward-Leeward-Windward with extra legs added as weather and time permit.


The Low Point Scoring system of RRS Appendix A4 will be used, except that each boat’s total regatta score will be the sum of its scores for all races (no throw outs).  This changes RRS Appendix A2.     

A minimum of one race constitutes the regatta.


Visitors are welcome to pitch their tents or park their RVs on the Bloomington Yacht Club facility.  Restrooms and a shower are available.  A BYC member will be available to guide you to an appropriate site and provide any assistance you may need.  There are also hotels and motels in nearby Bloomington and Nashville, Indiana.

Disclaimer of Liability:

Competitors participate in this Regatta entirely at their own risk.  See RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race.  The organizing authority, the Bloomington Yacht Club, will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after this Regatta.

Directions to BYC:

Drive IN 45 to Unionville, IN.  Take Shuffle Creek Road north to South Shore Drive.  Take South Shore Drive east to The Port Hole Inn bar and grill. Take Sail Away Lane north to the Bloomington Yacht Club.

Or follow your GPS to 8911 East Sailaway Lane, Unionville, Indiana.

Or visit for map and directions.


For further information contact