The Bloomington Yacht Club is made up of approximately 30 families from Bloomington, Indianapolis, Nashville, Columbus, and surrounding areas. We’re a friendly bunch, and welcome new members. Complete the Membership Application Form and bring it with you to our next general meeting.


Boats at the club include sloops, catboats, and cruisers:
Thistle, Flying Scot, Y-Flyer, Laser, Force-5, Sunfish, Hobie Cat, San Juan, McGregor, ComPac, Beneteau


$100 Application fee, applied to purchase of club shares

$600 membership, plus

$100 boat fee per boat (up to three boats)
$400 wet slip fee (cruiser)


We are a cooperative group, and request every family to participate in:

  • Club work days:
    • Spring opening cleanup
    • Fall closing cleanup
    • Lake Lemon Regatta Cleanup
    • Run or help run races (twice yearly)
  • There are optional work days to
    • Remove a downed tree
    • Help lay a new dock
    • Mass cruiser launch days
    • Help mow
  • It’s not all hard work and no play, we also need volunteers to help with:
    • The 4th of July Pirates v. Buccaneers water gun race
    • Monthly pitch ins and meetings
    • The Lake Lemon Regatta
    • BYC Force 5 Regatta

If you’ve never raced a sailboat, or just are not into it, don’t worry. Race Committee is simply few race marks, a few horn beeps, flags to set, and times to record. We’ll help you get the hang of things before you are expected to run races.


Must I have or want to have a sailboat?
Nope! We have some room for your canoes, kayaks, and fishing poles.

Check out the Lake Lemon Marina. We are all about sailing.

Sailing Lessons?
We do not offer formal lessons.  Lake Monroe Sailing Association does offer lessons.

Do I need to be a racer or a seasoned sailor?
Nope! One of our active members had a total of four hours on a sailboat when he joined, now he and his wife own three sailboats between them. He races nearly every week, and crews on his wife’s cruiser rest of the time.


Mail the Membership Chairperson, Marty Schilke at